Fabiola Martens, born and raised in Belgium, had an early career as a lawyer. While holding two prestigious law degrees in Belgium and in the United States, she never could let go of her passion for beauty. It became another language (besides the other 4 languages she speaks) to express her self. Before long she developed a keen eye for style – a reputation for good taste soon followed. Her friends (and friends of friends) did not shy away from asking her for help with their interiors, requests to which she happily acquiesced.

More than 10 years ago Fabiola Martens decided to devote all her time to a successful interior design business and she never looked back. She believes that people should have a connection with the spaces in which they live. Fabiola invests a lot of time understanding the lifestyle and personality of her clients to create an interior for them that seems effortless - though exquisitely sophisticated. Good interior design flows from a dialogue between the architecture of the space and the people who live in it. Fabiola loves to add a twist of the unexpected to every interior.
Her legal background adds an understanding of the importance of budget, diligence and communication with her clients.

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